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DataPool™ is an SSD storage server that you can configure with up to 2TB of SSD storage in a sleek 1U chassis. DataPool harnesses the power of high performance SSDs for groundbreaking levels of performance and energy efficiency in high demand storage and computing environments.  Some advantages of DataPool vs. HDD storage systems include faster start-up, extremely low latency, near zero noise pollution, greater temperature range, higher reliability, and faster seek times. SSDs provide excellent performance benefits for applications comprised primarily of random access patterns, such as online transaction processing, databases, and web servers.  The SSDs in DataPool are fast, cool, quiet and reliable.  If you are looking for high performance storage and a lower total cost of ownership for a high speed storage solution then DataPool has everything you've been looking for in a storage server including:

High Performance Storage Applications

  • High transaction databases
  • Online transaction processing (OLTP)
  • Faster applications that support large data sets 
  • High bandwidth web servers
  • Reduce data center size while increasing performance and reducing power consumption

Green IT  

  • Low power consumption  80 Plus Gold
  • Small footprint with a 1RU chassis
  • Lower cooling costs with no specialized HVAC requirements

 Lower Total Cost of Ownership

  • No moving parts in SSDs with higher reliability and greater MTBF than with HDDs
  • Open storage solution that supports LINUX, LAMP, Apache, MySQL, PHP/Perl
  • Mount using a PC/Mac or open standards including NFS, CIFS and iSCSI
  • Tier 0 storage in a tiered storage solution for immediate access to the data you need the most
  • Seemlessly drops in on top of what you're already using
  • Virtulization support via iSCSI

DataPool Storage Highlights

  • Unified storage: NAS/SAN
  • iSCSI target functionality
  • CIFS, NFS, HTTP, FTP protocols
  • MySQL tuned to take advantage of the SSD storage
  • High performance filesystem tailored for SSDs
  • 6 GB/s HBA (host bus adapter) that can take advantage of SSD transfer rates
  • Snapshot support for online backup
  • Dynamic volume manager
  • Powerful web-based management
  • High availability clustering
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